{The Blog...}
Jerseys & Bow Ties (J&BT) is a tiny space on the world wide web created to share my experience through the lens of sports and all things pretty. Ultimately, I want to utilize this space to acknowledge and inspire our generation of student athletes. So much of their time is spent perfecting their craft in the sport they play. Why not spend some time helping athletes develop and prepare for what lies in the second half of life… post-graduation!

{The Girl...}
My name is Bev, and I am the eyes, ears and brains behind J&BT! I used to blog at the good ol' la la Love, Learn and Laugh hood... but decided to start anew to share a few of my passions and life lessons I've been indulging myself with over the past few years. A little bit more about me...

     I am happily married to my soul mate and best friend.
     I come from a HUGE family, and am expanding it by adding one of our very own!
     I have a passion for sports [especially football]. 
     I have compassion for people.
     I have love for all things pretty in life.


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