Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Best Places to Work

Have you heard or read lately?... The Best Places to Work 2016 report was published by Glassdoor, revealing the top 50 companies voted by their own EMPLOYEES! I think this report is quite fascinating to follow. As a working professional, or even a college student, reading about market trends in particular companies can be beneficial for you as you seek for opportunities to better yourself in the workforce. Employees voiced their opinions about things such as leadership, satisfaction, salary and work-life balance. Glassdoor then used their own methodology to rank each company, incorporating whether or not employees would recommend their workplace to a friend.

You might ask, what tangible steps can I start to take knowing this information? Well I can certainly share with you what I have done thus far to ensure I stay active with these top companies:

Start adding some of the most interesting companies to your social media accounts (particularly LinkedIN) so that you can stay apprised with updates and trends in the organization. You can even start to reach out to employees in related fields to ask for informational interviews.

You may have perused through specific career websites for some of these companies, but perhaps you should start reading more about the organization and their history. Get to know the company like they are your long lost friend that you've been dying to catch up with. The more you know about things such as the history, mission, and values, the better sense you have on whether or not they align with your personal interests.

Now that these specific companies are revealed, it wouldn't hurt to compare some of them to your current company or others that are similar industries. It's always wise to stay on top of competing organizations, as some of the most inspirational ideas and motivation can come from each other. There's nothing wrong with benchmarking with your surroundings and sharing experiences to learn and grow from one another.

Some individuals are really confident about their career and the direction they are heading in, while others are still 'soul searching' with their passions and interests. Whichever boat you are in, I highly encourage you to stay informed of these top voted companies to work for, as they may offer you something much more than a career... they might just hold your happiness.

Anyone work at any of these companies? Care to share some of the 'likes' you have working there?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Mommy Update

Life as a mommy has been blissful. I've been learning a lot about myself and how much love and attention I'm able to give a little person that is truly a part of me. Many first-time mommies talk about having a hard time losing their independence; there are times that I would like to run out to the nail shop... work on a project at my computer... catch up with old friends... but it's crazy how quickly those mean so little to me when I look at this cute little face. I told my husband the other night that life before my son is a blur. It could be because I have been disciplining myself to sit in each present moment and enjoy the time I have with my baby. I don't want this time to fly by so quickly that I don't remember his quirky smiles or hungry cries. I WILL stay present and I will ALWAYS love being his mommy!

My love is 3 months, and he's been discovering more about his hands, how to smile, and how to pull himself up if you lie him on his back. He's my blessing that keeps on giving!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oh What Fun

This past weekend, we got the Christmas decor out (of the boxes since they've technically been out in my living room for over a week!), and had a jolly time painting our home red and green! One of my dearest friends and her sweet daughter were in town for the weekend, so it totally helped to have a few extra pair of hands and hearts to help give us a little push with the decor. We ate good, baked great, and expressed our creative beings by decorating gingerbread men.

One of the many things I love about this time of the year are the memories that are made with your loved ones. This is the first Christmas while in Nebraska, the first Christmas with our sweet baby boy, and the first Christmas getting our own decor up (including a Christmas tree!). Tis the time to celebrate joy and happiness!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Explore, Dream, Discover.

Once upon a time, I used to be a rookie in the workplace. I'm referring to my very first job EVER while I was in college, chasing the dream while trying to pay for rent, gas and all the wonderful things that your parents cut you loose from to teach you some lessons of adulthood. When I reflect back to my very first job in the banking industry, I can honestly say that it was one of the best jobs I've ever had. Not only did this job provide me foundation lessons about the workplace, but it also helped me discover who I was and how I can help others.

Though there are MANY things I learned in my first job, there are just a few that are dominant when I think back to that time....

// Communication [relationships]
Working in the banking industry, I interacted with customers on a daily basis. My job consisted of helping individuals with very personable transactions including their hard earned money and financial endeavors. Because our industry was all about finances front and center, I quickly learned that communication skills were a priority. It wasn't so much about wining and dining people all the time, but rather being transparent in the most courteous manner... being open about transactions... providing details about potential opportunities the bank had to offer... and finding a solution together with the customer rather than saying NO. All of which I am able to use and expand on these communication skills today in the workplace and in my personal life.

// Discipline
At the time I was working, I was also in college. I was lucky enough to learn about discipline in academics early on, but this was another form of discipline... it was about walking in between the lines at work and with my supervisor(s). I had some AMAZING relationships with my former bosses in the banking industry, and our workplace relationships quickly became more like friendships. We would often grab dinner with each other after work, or share a cup of coffee before work. BUT when it came time to take care of business, I was disciplined enough to respect my peers in the workplace as expected.

// Continuous Learning
Learning didn't just stop in the college classroom for me. At this job, we were given opportunities to attend training sessions in person, or complete training courses online through the bank's learning platform. This job was extremely supportive in continuous learning in the workplace AND in college. I was honored to have the bank pay for my tuition for a few semesters, as my degree was aligned with  some of the business standards in the banking industry.

My first job brought me much more in life than just a paycheck. In hindsight, I was so determined to find a job that aligned with my degree that I was blinded by an opportunity to expand on a career with the banking industry. I wish I would have been a bit more present in that opportunity and explored the business aspect of it all. BUT, everything happens for a reason and I am who I am today partly because of this first job.

Are you searching for a job today? Maybe it's your first job... maybe it's your 5th... maybe you're seeking a new experience by moving up in your current workplace. Whichever it might be, take some time to discover what your passionate about.... what makes your heart sing. TheLadders is a website that can help you with the process of finding a new career opportunity. Not only do they help match your interests with employers, but they also provide feedback to you during the application process! Check out their website for further information on your job search, or read up on some great tips from professionals on the advice page.

Lastly, I want to leave you with a quote that may help inspire you with your current job, future job, or previous jobs.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Huskers to a Bowl

Tis' the season of bowling! As the football season comes near to an end (wahhhh), coaches and players begin to bask in their eligibility of playing in a bowl. 'Which bowl? What state? Against who?' are some of the popular questions that pop up in the football world.

Sadly, the Nebraska Cornhuskers ended their season last weekend with a 5-7 record. The numbers certainly don't tell the story of the season, but rather the game film and the score of each game we lost. I honestly feel that this season was meant for the new coaching staff and players to get acquainted with one another, from the play calling to the execution of each play. We can only rise up from this point!

Anyhoot, if you know a thing or two about football, you know that with a record of 5-7, it doesn't necessarily constitute us as being bowl eligible. According to NCAA rules, a school must have at least 6 wins to secure a spot in a bowl game. BUT this year, they fell short of the 80 schools to play in a bowl game. Only 75 schools won six games (or more), which means they are short 5 teams to play. After this weekend, they will have a better sense of who is playing where since there are still a few major games to play.

What does this mean for our Huskers? WELP, it means that NCAA will now look at each school's APR (Academic Progress Rates) to determine how players stand in their academia. Since Nebraska is at the top of that APR list (WOOOOOP!!), we will be bowl eligible even with our 5-7 record!

Morale of the story? Academics play a huge part in student-athletes' lives... from start to finish. This is only one of the many rewards student-athletes can bask in, especially if you prioritize your classes and school work. I am proud to say that our Husker players have rose to the occasion and should take great pride in stellar performance on AND off the field!

Thursday, December 3, 2015


We may be miles away from home, but we are definitely blessed to have family come visit us (or shall I say Grandparents coming to visit our baby boy!). It warms my heart to know that our son and our parents can spend quality time with each other and begin making memories from day one! It also allowed me to recover from having baby and get some 'me' time in, even if that meant going to the store and rushing home to feed baby... yet again.

Cheers to grandparents and their unconditional love for our children (and for their love for Husker football!).

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