Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Best Places to Work

Have you heard or read lately?... The Best Places to Work 2016 report was published by Glassdoor, revealing the top 50 companies voted by their own EMPLOYEES! I think this report is quite fascinating to follow. As a working professional, or even a college student, reading about market trends in particular companies can be beneficial for you as you seek for opportunities to better yourself in the workforce. Employees voiced their opinions about things such as leadership, satisfaction, salary and work-life balance. Glassdoor then used their own methodology to rank each company, incorporating whether or not employees would recommend their workplace to a friend.

You might ask, what tangible steps can I start to take knowing this information? Well I can certainly share with you what I have done thus far to ensure I stay active with these top companies:

Start adding some of the most interesting companies to your social media accounts (particularly LinkedIN) so that you can stay apprised with updates and trends in the organization. You can even start to reach out to employees in related fields to ask for informational interviews.

You may have perused through specific career websites for some of these companies, but perhaps you should start reading more about the organization and their history. Get to know the company like they are your long lost friend that you've been dying to catch up with. The more you know about things such as the history, mission, and values, the better sense you have on whether or not they align with your personal interests.

Now that these specific companies are revealed, it wouldn't hurt to compare some of them to your current company or others that are similar industries. It's always wise to stay on top of competing organizations, as some of the most inspirational ideas and motivation can come from each other. There's nothing wrong with benchmarking with your surroundings and sharing experiences to learn and grow from one another.

Some individuals are really confident about their career and the direction they are heading in, while others are still 'soul searching' with their passions and interests. Whichever boat you are in, I highly encourage you to stay informed of these top voted companies to work for, as they may offer you something much more than a career... they might just hold your happiness.

Anyone work at any of these companies? Care to share some of the 'likes' you have working there?

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