Monday, December 14, 2015

Mommy Update

Life as a mommy has been blissful. I've been learning a lot about myself and how much love and attention I'm able to give a little person that is truly a part of me. Many first-time mommies talk about having a hard time losing their independence; there are times that I would like to run out to the nail shop... work on a project at my computer... catch up with old friends... but it's crazy how quickly those mean so little to me when I look at this cute little face. I told my husband the other night that life before my son is a blur. It could be because I have been disciplining myself to sit in each present moment and enjoy the time I have with my baby. I don't want this time to fly by so quickly that I don't remember his quirky smiles or hungry cries. I WILL stay present and I will ALWAYS love being his mommy!

My love is 3 months, and he's been discovering more about his hands, how to smile, and how to pull himself up if you lie him on his back. He's my blessing that keeps on giving!

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