Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I am who I am

My little one [LO] has been keeping me quite busy these days (surprise, right?!). Not only has he been crawling, chatting, eating solids and some... but he's working on trying to figure out this whole sleep thing. Did you know there's such a thing called "Sleep Training?" Now I'm no expert, but apparently babies are born with natural sleep waves that signal when it's time to sleep. AND... get this... there are specified times when babies get those sleep waves. Can you imagine if we honored our sleep waves as adults? How about if we had 2 nap times a day- one morning nap and afternoon nap? Our days would be quite interesting and a bit more bag-less under our eyes.

After researching and reading tons of articles and books on sleep training, I was totally ready to get my LO on some sort of sleep routine. One of the many methods just had to work... there are just way too many success stories out in the universe for it to fail.

Fast forward to two weeks later... we haven't accomplished the goals I had sought out. My LO isn't napping in his crib, nor has he learned to self-soothe himself to sleep. I felt defeated... like I could never get it right for him to sleep on his own... like I am the minority parent that can't help her child get sufficient quality rest.

Took me a little while to have my aha! moment in this situation. My LO and I just don't fit in the one-size-fits-all. Trying this method, that method, the other method, or the unheard method just helped me realize that there is no better method than my very own son's method. I chose to meet him where he is at today, and help him progress in ways that he is willing to. Just because it didn't work out to nap alone doesn't mean that he failed. What I was missing were all the successes to celebrate, opposed to the weaknesses we were working so hard on improving.

If you're fixated on improving something with your LO, or even within YOURSELF, some food for thought:

// There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all in life
This is one thing that I fall short of time and time again. I love to listen to other's people stories of life... how they got through grad school, or as a first time mommy, or how they successfully started their own business. The thing is, not everyone is the exact same person. We all have different experiences. There may be similarities across us, but I am my own author of MY story, as you are your own author of your very own life!

// Celebrate your success in every day
If you're anything like me (human!), we can easily forget that we passed a test, made a new connection, cleaned house, etc. There are so many things that I tend to get done in a day- some as routine, and others as a new adventure. Those little things I get done on a daily basis tend to get lost in the shuffle as a success because I'm so fixated on the new and challenging things throughout my days. It is totally okay and much needed to celebrate what we accomplished in a day's work!

// Focus on your strengths
I can't say this any louder and prouder! Yes, I like to learn and grow all day, every day. BUT, why must I always think about how I can improve my weaknesses? If you can flip that energy into focusing on what you're good at... and not only good at, but are passionate about --> that's where the magic happens, folks!

Don't fall into a slump because you don't think things are going as planned. Instead, celebrate the daily quick wins and recharge for what's possible!

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