Monday, May 23, 2016

It's the Small Things

I adore watching my 8-month old as he discovers new things about the world around him every single day. I sit back and think, to be HAPPY and amazed by the little things is truly a gift! When he discovers that the chair or wall can help support him as he wobbles to stand up... or that his voice can go up [and out] a few octaves, especially when he's in his exersaucer... or even that his hands can grab a hold of his toes as he swings his hips from side to side... it's like everything around him is a gift and he doesn't take one of those gifts for granted. This is what I LOVE about children. The world is a blank canvas and they can paint ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they want to because it's their reality that they live.

What a lesson my son is teaching me. I feel so very blessed and grateful to see this every single day. It definitely helps me realize that there is SO much in my life to be grateful. For the days and nights I feel defeated, why not turn the other cheek and focus on the many blessings [like owning our first home or good health!]. Our minds have been trained to react a certain way when things don't go the way we planned. Immediately, I go into thoughts such as, "Things never go in my favor" or "I will never be able to do that again."

Am I the only one that is sick and tired of letting those minimal setbacks dictate happiness?! I want to share three starting points that may help change that negative mindset into a more positive one:

The very first step to changing negative behavior is to acknowledge it... be mindful of what, when and how it occurs. One thing that helps me stay mindful is to actually say something out loud [often, to myself]. It feels AMAZING to say something aloud, rather than keep it trapped in that busy little mind of yours.

Changing the direction of your mentality definitely takes some discipline. Just as in any sport, you don't win games without practicing your techniques and skills. You have to put some time into practicing to change your behavior. Allow yourself some time [probably no longer than ONE day] to be upset, vent or even think about why this happened vs. that. Then it's time to let yourself move on and focus on what's right in your world. Practice this behavior as often as you remember to... every single day!

Being that our brains are trained to react certain ways in specific situations, it can be very hard to break these rules. However, the more consistent you are with acknowledging the positives, basking in that happiness and practicing the shift in your mindset, the easier it will be for you to break the negative thinking.

Although these are not complete solutions to being a happier you, they are definitely starting points for you to use in changing some of the behaviors that are instilled in our lives.

My 8-month old is helping me remember that it really is the small things in life that bring such joy. What's happiness worth to you?

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  1. Wouldn't it be great if we could just have the mindset of children more often!?!? I'm constantly learning things like this from my son!



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