Friday, May 13, 2016

I'm a Stroller Mom

I LOVE working out. I LOVE results. I LOVE getting stronger. I LOVE group fitness.

But guess what happens when I had baby? .... those LOVES were left alone... unfulfilled... shattered. Okay, a bit dramatic, but truthfully I didn't have time to myself to get out and workout. Heck, I wasn't even able to workout indoors with baby in front of me! He would only tolerate the swing for maybe 10 minutes... 15 minutes tops!

The more working out became nonexistent for me, the greater my love grew... and grew... into eventually a NEED!! So I searched high and low for options.

- Should I leave baby in a childcare facility (for the first time ever) while I ran the treadmill or took a spinning class?
- How about leaving him with dad at the crack of dawn while I went to a 5:30am class?
- Or maybe I can get a workout in after I put baby to sleep for the night?

No, no and NO! None of these options were feasible! The universe just did not agree with me at the time.

Hence, the birth of Star City Stroller Moms came into my life. WOW!!! I found a place that resembles a bootcamp atmosphere... with other mommies... AND babies!! YASSSSSS! Being a mommy and working out quickly became a ritual for me and my LOVE for fitness is yet again being fulfilled. I even made it to MOM of the month... WHOOP!

How do you balance fitness and life?

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