Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Gift to You

:: C O A C H I N G ::  Such a powerful, skillful and patient process to adhere to... whether you are the coach or the coachee. Coaching can take on many different meanings and define various relationships:

// Athletic coaches help enhance skills and perfect a craft at any given sport, while building endurance and strength.
// Life coaches help focus on achieving goals throughout all facets of life.
// Professional coaches utilize a thought-provoking process to help maximize personal and professional potential.
// Career coaches assist candidates in strengthening skills in resume-writing, interviewing, networking, and anything else that may endure a sustainable and enjoyable career.

Although I've been exposed to much of athletic coaching, I've also spent quite some time on the latter... career coaching. I find it quite fascinating helping people discover their passion... their motivation... their desire to work in certain roles for specific organizations.

And so I wanted to utilize this social platform of blogging to offer the gift of coaching to YOU!

Maybe you're a student [or student-athlete], asking:
- What's going to happen after graduation?
- Are my classes relevant to my future career?
- How can I balance practice and workouts with my school work?
- Will I be able to incorporate my athletic career [or education] with my professional career?

Maybe you're re-entering the workforce after "sitting out" for awhile, asking:
- Will my skills and expertise be relevant after not working for this long?
- How do I even begin writing my resume?
- Where can I meet people that speak the same business language as I do?

Or perhaps you are on a quest to start something anew, asking:
- How can I justify leaving my career I invested so many years into?
- Where do I even start?
- How do I really know if I want to explore this vs. that?

Whichever scenario describes your situation best, having a career coach can absolutely help you reach some of your goals and help discover answers to some of those questions you might have. First thing is first... EMAIL me any questions you might have about career coaching. I would be more than happy to discuss what my coaching process entails, and how it might benefit your quest for accomplishing career goals!

What are some areas of your life you think coaching might help?

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