Friday, May 6, 2016


Mother's Day weekend! Every year, I celebrate the blessings of my beautiful mother. This year, I will continue to celebrate her legacy as MY mother and share memories of her with my family. As hard as it may be and as sad as I might feel [especially on Sunday], my strategy is to focus on how she breathed nothing but goodness on me. Nobody loved me like my mom did. She forgave me when times were rough. She praised me when times were high. She scolded me when I was young. She held me as I cried. My mom was and always will be my guardian angel.
Makes me think of how BLESSED I am to be my son's mother. Nobody on earth will love him like I do. When he laughs in happiness, I will laugh with him. When he cries in sadness or anger, I will [almost] cry right there with him. When he feels mischievous, I will definitely be there to course correct. God has picked ME of all people to be his mother... I will take this victory and enjoy every single moment until I take my last breath.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you women out there who love and care for these beautiful children!

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  1. What a beautiful post... honestly. The moment you said "she forgave me when times were rough," the waterworks just started coming. Happy Mother's Day!

    Lisa Favre



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