Thursday, May 12, 2016

TBT: Dear 2013 Self...

Reflection is such a beautiful thing! It helps remind you of the good things that has happened in your life... it helps to reminisce about the struggles you had which helped you get to where you are today... it helps you realize the growth you made from where you were yesterday, last week, last month, 5 years ago compared to where you are today!

I often reflect back on my old blog [la la Love, Learn, and Laugh], and laugh, cringe and find myself sad at times. In honor of throw-back-Thursday, I thought it might be interesting to read back on a post I wrote, and reflect on how it impacts me NOW. I had so many moments I shared in my life that were representative of a new beginning. It was a bit over three years ago when I was excited for this new beginning I wrote about in Faith Conquers Fear. I had just finished my journey of graduate school, had my PhD in my hands, and had been job hunting for 7 months at that point. I thought I would never find a job... better yet, my first shot towards my career I had worked and studied so hard for for most of my life!

If I can go back to 2013, I would FIRST hug myself! Then I would give myself some words of advice:

// Enjoy yourself and take a mental break!
New graduates often find themselves in the stressful situation of job seeking immediately after graduating. However, in hindsight, if I would have taken a break to just BE... visit family, friends, travel, and maybe even take up a hobby, I might have just discovered that my next career move would have been something I wasn't expecting.
     TIP: It's never too late to do some soul searching for what you're passionate about and what makes you happy. Even if that means ditching your degree for a bit!

// Explore your options with your "part-time" gig.
Most students work while going to school. I sure did... all throughout my school days. My supervisor, who was also a former professor, knew that I was graduating. However, what I failed to do is explore options of working for her on a more full-time basis.
     TIP: If you're working AND going to school, make it a point to discuss potential career paths while you are investing your time and effort into work at the moment.

// Chit chat with those in your local community.
I talked on the phone quite a bit at this time in my life. Being in Oregon, and my professional contacts being in California, I was on the phone a lot discussing my job-search process. What I didn't realize is that I should have discovered local chapters or groups of memberships I had joined [read here all about professional memberships].
     TIP: Search for opportunities to become involved in your local community. The more you get out there and talk to local business owners, professionals and people you don't know, the more your networking community grows and word spreads about what you can bring to the table!

Where were you three years ago? What would you tell yourself back then based on what you know today?

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