Thursday, November 10, 2016

Who's Leading?

This entire election process has been physically and mentally draining. I'm actually surprised by this feeling because I have never felt this defeated before in presidential elections. BUT I think we all know how ugly this entire process has been [all the way up to the final results!]. Now that our president-elect has been chosen by the American people, you can't help but think about LEADERSHIP.

To me, a leader is someone who does the right thing... who values followers... who helps achieve common goals and has a long-term perspective. In light of our shift in leadership, I wanted to share with you all a few leadership traits that have great impact in the workplace, in life, or even on the field!

1. Drive
Leaders who have motives with a great level of effort have a sense of drive. They are ready to perform as best as they can to do anything and everything necessary to accomplish goals and lead their followers.

2. Honesty
Being transparent and open with others demonstrates honesty in a leader. Leaders who are honest value thoughts and opinions of their followers, and feel that collaboration amongst the group can have a greater impact.

3. Motivation
Motivation is having the desire to influence and lead others. Motivation can transpire to leading by example, in which the leader would perform alongside followers, demonstrating expectations and desires for the task at hand.

4. Communication
Leaders who use verbal and nonverbal cues to clearly articulate ideas, expectations, goals and expertise are likely to have an effective approach with their followers. Followers appreciate when their leaders have an open-door policy to come and go as they wish and have honest conversations.

5. Confidence
One of the main jobs a leader possesses is to have self-assurance that they can get the job done, as hard or easy as it may be. Confidence demonstrates that the leaders possess self-control when having to put out a fire or when things can tense.

These 5 leadership traits are what I look for in a successful leader, and what I hope to see our next President demonstrate to the entire country. Granted the environment or situation may impact the level of drive, honesty, motivation, communication or confidence from our leader. BUT, I expect to see our President lead by example with high levels of integrity, for liberty and justice for all!

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