Monday, September 21, 2015

My Birth Story

It was a nice Sunday afternoon last week when my family and I went to enjoy a scrummy brunch. I was scheduled to go into Labor & Delivery early Monday morning to be induced, so the plan was to eat good, and mentally prepare myself for this hard labor that I would partake in. I don't know if it's better to not expect when you would go into labor, or to schedule it ahead of time... either way there's nothing you can possibly do to completely prepare yourself. In my case, I didn't have my hospital bag or the baby's diaper bag that have been sitting in my living room ready and prepped for the past few months. It was just my purse, my husband, my aunt and mother-in-law and I checking into L&D that day.

By the time I started this thing called labor, it was 3:30pm. Since they induced me to jump start my contractions, I wasn't sure what to expect. Mild contractions started to make their appearance, and it wasn't so bad. I was able to breathe through them and patiently await for 4-5 minutes to pass until the next one came. That is until they started to get more and more intense. I called for the epidural as I squeezed my eyes shut trying to bear the pain of the contractions in the meantime. Once I got the epidural, it felt like the time just flew by. I went from 4cm dilated... to 6cm... to 8cm then to 9cm. I was told to get ready to start pushing in about an hour. SIKE to me... what they really meant was to start pushing in about 15 minutes because I dialed to 10cm that quick!

Pushing was a task for me. I wasn't sure if I was pushing or not, but I shut my eyes so tight so I could stay in my own element as my husband coached me like I was one of his athletes. Before you know it, my sweet baby boy has finally made his arrival at 8:39pm. Words can't express how I felt in the moment, or even today. 

I can say this one of the most precious special moments I've ever had in my entire life (besides the day I married my best friend). I'm head over heels over this little human being that has taken over my life in the most fascinating way I can imagine.

I can't wait to build special moments with my little family. Cheers to our party of THREE!

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