Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why the Bow Ties?

Based on yesterday's TEAM SPIRIT post, you've probably figured out my inspiration for the JERSEYS part of my blog title. But you may be wondering where the BOW TIES fits in... Welp, it's really a multi-faceted answer!

BOW TIES to me mean...

- A modern version of a tie for men when they dress up for the professional world (or for a nice occasion
- Hair doo-dads gals wear in their hair.. OR on their wardrobe
- AND... everything else pretty!
You see... I plan to discuss career aspirations and professional topics for our student-athletes, or for the rest of the universe. I also want to incorporate outfit inspirations that might be appropriate for the workplace... or perhaps for your every day life!

I'm hoping through my BOW TIES posts that I can gift you all some words of wisdom I've learned (and continue to learn) through my experience on all walks of life. So join me on this journey through J&BT!

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