Monday, November 16, 2015

Baby Mobile

Being away from the family and home is difficult... being away from the family and home during the holidays is just a tad lonely... being away from family and home while having our first child saddens me at times. Though we are embracing new adventures in Nebraska with such sincere people, I like to instill things into our routines that remind me and introduce my son to our family (which also helps fill that gap of being around the family)!

One memorabilia that reminds us of family is attached to the crib! My sister-in-law totally customized a mobile for her first born nephew which he absolutely loves to stare at and listen to. She added more diverse animals to the mix... she attached some siapo to the top (traditional Samoan material made from tree bark) which I LOVE... and she added a picture of mommy and daddy that just topped off this masterpiece! My little boy absolutely loves to relax and at times sleep to his precious mobile that his Aunty Clara made for him.

What things have you customized for baby in the nursery?

P.S. See that gorg tiny pillow with baby's day TWO picture on it? Another piece that is customized and made by another family member, Aunty Karen. I often find my son staring at himself on that pillow, which I will continue to remind him who made that beauty!

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