Thursday, November 12, 2015

FREE Learning

E-learning has become such a hot commodity in today's society! I'm sure many of you are aware what the E stands for, but in the slim chance you don't, it stands for electronic. To sum it up, e-learning takes place primarily through the form of a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Whether you're a student, or a professional in the workplace, or are seeking out a career... you can start taking advantage of FREE learning at your fingertips now!

Although there are so many resources you can begin to search and learn about any type of topic, I'll share with you some of my top faves!

// LinkedIn: []
LinkedIn is one of the best social media accounts you can have. In addition to searching for jobs and professionals that you connect with, you can also find some great articles about endless topics. Once you start following specific companies to your liking, you will see that your news feed consists of articles that highlight the latest updates, trends and much more regarding that industry. One of my fave companies to follow and read the latest and greatest on is Google! Articles vary from research to blogs... all which can be useful in the e-learning world! [NOTE: if you opt to invest some money into your learning and development, has thousands of courses, videos, articles on a multitude of topics that are suitable for the workplace. even has elective types of courses that you can select from!]

// TED
TED talks consists of amazing experienced professionals who give passionate and informative talks on any given topic. You can watch a 20 minute talk, or an hour talk... all depending on what your preference is on that topic. These presenters aren't just "presenting"- they tell stories from their personal lives that helps you connect on a much deeper level. Case in point with one of my faves, Brene Brown. Her talk on The Power of Vulnerability has got to be one of the BEST talks that I have ever connected with. So much so that I purchased a few of her audio books to hear more about her experience with shame and vulnerability. Not sure where to begin with your search? Check out the newest videos, or trending topics on the home page!

// YouTube
YouTube is another great place to search for any type of topic to watch and/or listen videos on. In addition to experienced professionals speaking on a particular topic, you can also find role-play videos, animated videos, audio videos, and others! Search interview tips, how to effectively communicate with your manager, professional coaching... just to name a few!

It turns out you don't have to necessarily pay an arm and a leg to learn. Take advantage of the free learning that you can search through!

What are your fave e-learning resources?

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