Wednesday, November 18, 2015


If I'm being honest and candid with myself, I can say that things are different in my life than where I was just a short year ago:

   - Instead of being home in Cali renting an apartment in Redondo Beach, we now live in Nebraska where we are first time home owners!

   - Rather than going to work every morning, I'm a MOM, staying at home to raise our bundle of joy until I'm ready to go back to the workforce... (WOW! Now if these first 2 points don't scream out adult, I don't know what does)!

   - We used to live just a hop, skip and jump away from our family in LA, and now we're a 5-hour (or so) flight away from them.

   - We were so close to the beach that we can smell the ocean from our home, but now we are FAR from the coast and instead live where the cornfields grow wildly.

   - I used to bleed cardinal and gold full time at USC, and now I am learning to share the blood of scarlet and cream of the Huskers.

Needless to say, if I'm honest with myself, I miss where I was a year ago. Some of those things just felt so right. Again, if I'm honest with myself, I also LOVE where I am today and wouldn't ask to take back any moment of this transition in my life. I'm learning to live differently. To just BE in a different place. Being honest with myself means staying true to myself, as William Shakespeare quotes.

I challenge you to stop masking any honest feelings you may have. Share them with yourself in a journal, or with someone else, and celebrate that honesty because you're worth the celebration!

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