Wednesday, November 4, 2015


How many of you have ever thought you just HAD to finish what you started? Not because you actually had desired to do so... but because you just felt you had to keep going since you already began to take steps towards something?

I went through school non-stop (like most of my colleagues did). In my senior year of undergrad school, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do for work and figured that I still had some self-discovery to do. I thought that graduate school would open many doors of opportunity for me... I would be able to learn more about psychology in ways I didn't have a chance to while earning my Bachelor's Degree. I also knew that if I were to take a break and work full-time after I graduated, it would be difficult for me to return to graduate school (at least that's what people around me made it seem like). SO, I applied for graduate school in a Master's program, and BOOM! I started that Fall semester.

THEN... when I was in my freshman year of graduate school, one of my professors engaged in a conversation about why those of us who were enrolled in the Master's Program were not enrolled in the Doctorate Program. Her points totally made sense... we were all in the same classes (until later on), and she pointed out that we would benefit SO much more for putting in the extra 2 (or so) years to work on a dissertation and complete a Doctorate degree, especially when we would be looking to start our career.

Hence when I decided to switch over to the PhD program! Before I knew it... I was in school for another 5 years to finish up my Doctorate degree. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for that opportunity I worked very hard for, and I really don't regret pursuing grad school at all.

BUT there was not one time that I actually stopped to think or discover or ponder on what I was deeply truly passionate about. Sure I worked throughout all of undergrad and graduate school, but I can't say they were ever jobs or internships that I was so passionate about that I couldn't imagine doing anything else in life.

Like I said.. I don't regret any of my time in college. However, I'm certainly doing some self-discovery as of late in my career and life to think about what motivates me... what drives me to learn until I'm blue in the face... and I am totally okay with that, even if it strays from what I thought I would be devoting my career to while I was in school!

I encourage you all to think about your passions and how you might try to pursue them if you are able to! The million dollar question to ponder on is...What makes your HEART sing?

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