Tuesday, July 19, 2016

From the Eyes of the Child

We're a household full of LOVE... for each other and for the game of football! There's no doubt in my mind that we will expose our baby boy to sports once he's old enough to stand [okay, maybe old enough to learn how to run with the ball in his hand]. In any case, staying active will be our focus as we raise him... whether that means football, golf, polo, basketball, or just working out! It means so much to the Hubs and I for him to be on the move and appreciate the outdoors so much as we did when we were little kiddos.

As important as this is to us, we also can recognize things that may suck the simple joy out of being active... in a sport or just being a kiddo [read more on this great article on Changing the Game Project blog]. I keep hearing and seeing how things are changing in our athletic world today, even in youth sports. Parents are arguing aggressively in the stands at flag football games, putting too much pressure on their child to perform at impeccable standards when coaches are around, expecting consistent PT (playing time) on a team that many players on the roster, or even making academics secondary just so their child can make extra lessons or play on travel ball. Don't get me wrong, I may be partaking in some of these actions... in moderation and fairness. However, what I don't believe in is draining a child from the happiness while playing these sports.

My dad was very supportive of sports I wanted to play and activities I wanted to pursue. To continue these standards within my family, my hope and wish is to remain patient and understanding of my baby boy's perspective in life. THIS is the starting point of sharing our knowledge and shaping our future generation.
How are you staying tune with your kiddos' perspectives?

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