Monday, July 25, 2016

In loving memory...

Over the weekend, we learned some devastating news about one of our Husker family members. Sam Foltz (22 years old) was killed in a car accident driving back home from a punting camp held in Wisconsin. Sadly, another football player was also killed in the same accident, Mike Sadler, former punter from Michigan State University.

I personally did not know Sam, but I had the pleasure of meeting him a handful of times through the Hubs. He was always wearing a smile, from ear to ear. He was very delightful and had a face that you can tell was just full of life. He was an AMAZING punter... one of the best I've seen for college football! His testimony speaks volumes through others' words as they share dedications, prayers and memories on social media.

I was touched to see all the love and support from the Husker family, from football players, to coaches, to other student-athletes, to fans. Nebraska certainly gathered together as a unit to pay respects to a fine young man, and also support one another during this difficult time.

I want to encourage you to love one another and really think about WE instead of ME. Doing things for other people is a service that nobody can ever replace. Our world needs to be filled with much more love and respect than we've been demonstrating over recent weeks. It is OUR responsibility to leave this world as safe and humbling as we possibly can for our future generations. As Sam Foltz tweeted recently, "You never know who's watching... What impact do you wanna leave on the next generation to aspire to?!"

Prayers up for the Foltz and Sadler families.


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