Monday, July 18, 2016

What are you [really] good at?

Have you ever had a moment of realization that made you think, "I really need to work on that" [if you haven't, you're probably not human!]? Let's face it... we're not as perfect as we may want to be... we may fall short of a few career or personal skills, which some label weaknesses. One lesson I learned not too long ago is to stop harping on trying to fix those weaknesses. Instead, put that energy into STRENGTHS and work on sharpening those skills that we are really good at!

Strengths are not just something we're naturally good at... we refer to that as our talents. In fact, talents become our strengths when we develop them. Finding your strengths can be a delicate task that you may need some direction with. Luckily, there are assessments that exist out there to help narrow down your true strengths. A few of which may be Gallup's Strength Finder or The Marcus Buckingham Company's StandOut Assessment.

Once you get an idea what your strengths are, there is so much to unlock... what direction in your career you might take, what types of team members you might compliment (or that might compliment you), how you might make the biggest impact... just to name a few.

Personally, I've completed both the Strengths Finder and the StandOut Assessments. They both computed very similar types of strengths, and actually reinforce some of the things I thrive off of at this point in my life. Some of the keywords my assessments revealed are:

- Problem-Solving
- Good judgment
- Sincere enthusiasm
- Accountable
- Protective

Reviewing these results has given me a bit of a push to pursue some things to new levels, one of which is my coaching business. There's nothing better than helping PEOPLE... helping others become their best and pursue their own strengths! Needless to say, tapping into some of my strengths brings me a sense of joy and realization that I'm headed in the right direction. Rather than beating myself up because I'm not this or that, I'm able to focus on what I'm good at and create whatever it is that I want to create for myself.

What might be some of your strengths that come top of mind?

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