Friday, July 22, 2016

Morning Business

I've always been an early bird. It's my peak in life... from waking up to the smell of fresh coffee to putting my LO down for a nap... I LOVE the mornings! Reflecting on some of the importance it has in my life, I think one of the main reasons mornings are amazing is because it's a time you are able to start anew. Whatever happened yesterday or last week is in the past... and with a new morning you can change your destiny and start with a fresh perspective. Who wouldn't like a re-do of their days?!?

Enough professing my love for the mornings. What I really wanted to do is share a few friendly tips that work for me and might work for you (or already work for you) to make the best of the start to your days!

// Stop reaching for your phone to check your social media when you open your eyes
I am totally guilty of this one, and have been for awhile... until recently! I read somewhere what a waste of time it is for you to check out the peak of your friends' days/nights. Not only does it make you feel bad that they are having such a grand time, or look amazing in their pics, but it's also somewhat an unrealistic picture of their entire day. Think about it... you wouldn't post a picture of when you're sobbing from sadness or anxiety, would you? Anyhow, try and hold off social media checks for when you're out of bed!

// Start your morning with some words of encouragement
Personally, I have quite a few automatic emails that I registered for which appear in my mailbox at the crack of dawn. I subscribe to emails focusing on daily verses and prayers, prayers for my marriage, quotes based on values, and others. Reading these types of emails first thing in my morning is really encouraging and also paves the way of how I perceive my day to be. I also love to read a chapter in my bible so I can learn more and also strengthen my faith.

// Make your bed (and any other household "quick" chores) before you go about your day
This is HUGE for me and something I made a point of prioritizing after having my LO. Making my bed totally symbolizes that the day has begun and no more lazying around! I also vacuum the massive collection of dog hair from our floors and clear the dish rack and sink. These things are so simple and only take a few minutes to do... but they can make a huge impact on your evening when you get home from work, school, or being out and about!

// Move your body
I have always been a proponent to working out in the mornings. It totally gets it done and out of the way, but also is proven to be the best time for you to workout! I like to have a variety of options, ranging from a group fitness class (Stroller Moms), walk/jog with the dogs, or workouts I can do from the luxury of my home! Working out makes you feel good, therefore starting your day with positivity and motivation!

// Call a friend or family member
I love to start my day off with not just self-talk, but talking with others. Being that I live far away from my family, technology is a saving grace (especially after having baby!). I'm always FaceTiming, calling, or Gliding with friends and family, and it totally brightens up my morning to share stories and count down to the football season together (we're always having visitors during the season, so it's exciting all the way around).

There you have it... important things I love to get done in the morning (aside from blogging of course!). My hope for you is that you can take something away from this post and start your day with positivity and love!

What are some of your morning to-do's?

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