Saturday, August 6, 2016

Football Begins

First (semi) week of Fall Camp in the books... well technically after this weekend. Husker nation kicked it off with Fan Day on Wednesday, which was pretty HOT and fun! I can't believe it was just a short year ago that I was there very pregnant, and in such great awe to see how the entire state of Nebraska are Husker Football fans.
Although we lose some precious time with the Hubs when the festivities begin, it's such a bitter sweet moment for me every single year because HELLO... FOOTBALL SEASON IS HEAAAAA!! There's no other rush like it to be in the crowd, cheering on your boys, and witnessing the fruits of the Hubs' hard labor! This season, I have the pleasure of sharing this excitement with my LO. Hubs and I tripped over how he jumped right in with both feet in the weight room... crawling all over the turf... then discovering the platforms and how amazing the shiny red N was painted on there... discovering how orange shields are not just for sprinting but also for tasting. Last season, my sweet boy was so tiny and brand new-brand new. BUT this season, he'll be one year brand new (wahhhhh!!!) and more attentive to the loud noises, cheers, and historic red balloon release for the first touchdown!
What are some of your fave college teams to root for?


  1. Oh my goodness, your little one is just too cute!!! <3



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