Friday, August 7, 2015

Nebraska Fan Day!

It's been quite a busy week for me where time just completely passed me by! One of the many highlights was Nebraska's Fan Day, which turned out to be the talk of the town. It seemed like the entire state of Nebraska was at Memorial Stadium getting up close and personal with players and coaches. This is one thing that I am growing to love in our move to Nebraska... the entire state is pro-Cornhusker football in the most sincerest way you can imagine. People were coming up to the Hubs and I welcoming us with open arms into their state... it was just overwhelming to see all of the truly human people out there that are so genuine and welcoming.

I'll tell you what... it was a hell of a way to kick off our Fall Camp for Cornhusker football! I was getting hyped just watching the sea of red bombard the field! I can already smell the fireworks that's just 4 weeks away until our first game against BYU!

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