Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nebraska Adventures

The Hubs and I have been here in Lincoln, NE for about six months now. Though the Hubs has been quite busy since day one in our move to Nebraska, I've kept myself occupied with family visits from our pleasant smoggy home of Cali! When they come to visit, I find myself asking the same questions around Cornhusker nation. If we don't have the beaches, mountains, or forest trails to explore... What's there to do in Nebraska?  //  Where can we take the kiddos?  //  How do we entertain ourselves?

We've done some exploring in this mid-west state, and Nebraska has been quite surprising to me. Some of our adventures include:



And of course, we can't leave out what we moved here for...

I also stumbled across the Haymarket Farmers' Market, which was downtown Lincoln!

Nebraska has some of the most amazing friendliest people of all the nation. It's been such a pleasure to peruse around town and wave hello and strike up conversations with just about anybody we run into. For all these reasons (and for many other reasons to be unfolded), I'm grateful to be here today in Cornhusker Nation!

Have you lived here in Nebraska? What are some of the things you've been able to do?

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