Friday, August 14, 2015


FEAR. It gets the best of us in life! It can drain you from goals. It can strip you away from your passion. It can blind you from your vision. And the worse of all? It is totally an unpaid job!

Sometimes (more often than usual for me lately!) we let those negative thoughts cloud our vision. Believe it or not, I'm still coping with the news about the re-org at my previous job. My top 3 fears have been that...

... it'll be hard for me to find something in this new state I reside in.
... transitioning from motherhood back to the workforce will be soooo hard.
... I can't contribute financially to our family.

In reality, I realize that these fears are actually preventing me to believe. Believe in myself, in my future, in the unknown. I've been working really hard at creating the upmost highest vision for myself lately, and things have just been happening that is giving me the inspiration I need to overcome these fears.

In the past month, my paths have crossed with a few people that have opened up my eyes and doors of opportunity for my career. I met someone that is looking to start up a project around some of the same passions that I have: helping college students prepare for the "real world" (aka finding a career that matters). I also met someone that has his own consulting company and is looking for a thought partner (and potential business partner!) to bridge some of the gaps that exists in his operations. Great things are happening that are totally stimulating my mind and stimulating my visions.

I also have been out and about hanging out with some of the other coach's wives, which has totally helped with my homesickness. They have reassured me that I'm not in this football life alone (even though the hubs doesn't get done with camp until midnight these days). It feels awesome to have other strong and independent wives and mothers to help relate and talk to along this path.

I must say, these networking opportunities would not have come about if I let FEAR get the best of me. Instead, I had created amazing visions for myself... not only will I find my career path in this new environment, but it will totally be aligned with my passions... and also that I will establish great friendships that will help me get through the football season and throughout all of life. I am beginning to believe that I WILL be successful at any point in my life, as long as I want to be!

What are some of your FEARS in life? How can you begin to overcome these fears so that you can start believing?

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  1. We all have fears & even as bloggers we have fears of putting our stuff out there for the whole world to see but that is all just in our head. We are our biggest enemies and if we can conquer ourselves, everything else is so much easier. :]

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