Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Finding My Determination

This is one of my favorite quotes by FAR! How many times do we compare ourselves to our teammates? Our friends? Our colleagues? It's not the person next to you that you should be comparing yourself to. God created each of us distinctively different. Biologically, no 2 of us are made exactly the same, which is such a blessing! Can you imagine a world of duplicates?? We'd be like soldiers from I Robot... which I have NO interest in!

I recently went through a huge life change in regards to my career that I have yet to digest. Our University just went through a $10 million cut in salary, which completely affected our department. The entire pillar that I was a part of was dismantled and our time has come to an end. When I was told this news a few months ago, I panicked! Here I have a baby on the way, my move to Nebraska was stabilized because I had the opportunity of a lifetime to work from home, and with the news I was feeling a bit lost. Along the way, my colleagues were applying for prestigious jobs which I was very excited for... but I still was feeling some type of way as if I were "stuck" waiting for my sweet baby boy to arrive. Although I was super excited for them, I can't lie if I say I wasn't envious of my colleagues applying and landing some MAJOR jobs. I began to think, "what if I don't find a job soon after the baby is born?"... "how long will it be?"... "will I ever be marketable again?" Thoughts that arose because of those negative internal voices.

BUT after long days of thinking, meditating at yoga classes, confiding in my colleagues, family and of course my hubs, I'm starting to feel at peace with where I'm at in life. I'm preparing for a MAJOR job of my own, and that's to enter the world of motherhood. What comes after, I have yet to find out, but I trust that God has my back and His plan will be nothing short of amazing like the rest of His plans have been.

Instead of envying someone for something you don't have, be grateful for what you do have. I get that it's easier said than done... especially when you have moments you are feeling like you can't get a break. But we can learn from each other, lean on one another, and trust ourselves whenever we need a boost of that determination!

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