Friday, July 10, 2015

Sports in Numbers

I'm not the type of person to memorize numbers or stats when speaking on any topic. BUT there are some numbers that are just mind-boggling when I do read about them. Even further, it's astonishing to interpret the stats into an actual real life stories, some in which I want to share with you all today:

Did you know...
     There are +1 million high school football players?
     Of these high school players, only 6.5% will play in college?
     Of these college players, less than 2% are drafted by the NFL?

Did you know...
     There are +430,000 high school basketball players?
     Only 3.8% of these high school players will play in college?
     Less than 1% of these college players will be drafted in the WNBA?

Did you know...
     There are +480,000 high school baseball players?
     Only 6.9% of these high school players will play in college?
     8.6% of these college players will be drafted by the MLB?

Ultimately, this means that majority of our kids that are playing the game from high school (some even earlier on) through college are NOT going to make it to the pros to play ball (which is no surprise based on this post). The call to action here is simple... we need to put more focus on preparing our student-athletes as best as we can to rely on their education and networking resources to pursue another type of career!

This can mean... sprucing up the resume  //  creating or updating a LinkedIn profile  //  being productive during the summer breaks  //  benefit from some professional coaching (more to come on this offering soon!)  //  conducting informational interviews with professionals and/or coaches.

If you're a student-athlete yourself, or are a parent to a student-athlete (or any parent!.. you never know what sport your little one may be playing), or maybe a coach or a friend or a relative... don't wait until after graduation to address these concerns. There are so many resources to take advantage of during school and even in preparation for college. You're always more than welcome to email me if you're interested in learning more about these offerings!

*Stats cited from NCAA website

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