Wednesday, July 22, 2015

TIPS on Managing Time

I made it home this past week and I was oh so excited to be back in L.A.!! My time back home just flew right past me... actually time flies in L.A. no matter if you live here or are just visiting. I'm not sure why that is. Is it because we sit in traffic at all times of the day? Or maybe it's because there's so many options to partake in that you lose track of time? Or maybe times flies because it's so over-populated in Southern California?

Whatever the case may be, lately I've been concerned with enjoying the moment and living in the present. I haven't perfected this motto, but I've certainly gotten better at it!

I wanted to share some tips that might help you manage your time, including tips particularly if you're a student athlete!

// PRIORITIZE your day
Look ahead of schedule to see what you have during the week, and plan each day accordingly. Take care of things that are scheduled (classes, workouts, practice...) and fill in the rest of your day with what MUST be done in order for you to be a successful student-athlete.

// Allocate time for EMAILS (and maybe even social media!)
Set aside a specified time to check your emails and respond to them. I suggest to even spend less time on your social media accounts, as this fills up your free time more than you even know! Perhaps you can commit yourself to spending one hour less on your social media per day.

// Use your CALENDAR on your iPhone (or smartphone)
This tool is SO underutilized in my humble opinion, yet extremely helpful! Enter your meetings, classes, assignments, etc. into your daily calendar and utilize your location to help you remember street addresses!

// Turn OFF your phone during study table (or during meetings)
Think about when you have to fly... and how nice it is to be disconnected from reality for the duration of the flight. You can have a similar feeling when you shut OFF your phone during your study table time. Dedicate your study hour to focus solely on your scholastic work! Trust me... your friends and family will live if you text them back an hour later!

// Utilize your WEEKENDS
I know it might seem like the only time you have to see your friends and family, but it's also important to take care of yourself, physically and mentally. Take a day (or two) of the weekend to sleep in, relax, read, watch movies... whatever it is that puts your mind at ease.

These are just a few things you can start to do in order to manage your time more effeciently. After all, can you believe we're more than halfway through 2015??

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