Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Baby Ramblings

If you follow me on Intagram or have seen my About page, you're probably well aware that my Hubs and I will soon be parents to an amazing precious little baby... in only 10 weeks away! I can't believe that these past 30 weeks have just flown by so quickly. I've heard his heartbeat... I've seen his adorable little body... and I feel him every single day inside of me breakdancing around... patiently awaiting to join us here on earth to be loved more than he'll ever know.

I must say though... I've been thinking tons lately about more than just the nursery, the labor, the adjustments we will be making in our sleep. I've been thinking about what kind of man he will grow up to be...

     :: Will he be a smarty-pants and love school so much he decides to pursue his doctorate?
     :: ... Or will he hate school so much, and decide to pursue work at an early age?
     :: Will he be a ride or die football player or coach like his Daddy?
     :: ... Or will he be the next up and coming ballet dancer?
     :: Will he play ball from school to the league?
     :: ... Or will he need the guidance and coaching that the majority of our college-athletes need once they graduate from college and don't make the NFL?
     :: Will he be artistic?
     :: ... Or an aspiring actor?
     :: ... Or just maybe a professional football player? (can you tell I'm excited for football to be in his life?)

So many thoughts I daydream about, that it's hard at times to snap back into reality and realize that I have some work to do in these next 10 weeks of preparing his sweet little arrival. All I can say is that I pray he will be a gentleman; To his parents, his family, his friends, and everyone else he will encounter in life.

Blue Bow Tie Gender Reveal

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