Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Remember those paper chain links you used to make in grade school to help count down towards Christmas time? I was a sucker for those!! Just because I found great pleasure in ripping a chain link each and every day. Nowadays, I'm all about a countdown like I was back then, but no more construction paper needed! Nothing wrong with a good ol' virtual countdown! Here's a few things that I am ecstatic about counting down for!
Can you believe it?! I sure can't!! We're just 52 days out from football season starting in our neck of the woods... which is really short of 2 months away. Luckily, we get a sneak peak into pre-season with good ol' Pac-12 football starting even a few days sooner on September 3rd (WOOOOOOP!).
This just kills me to know that 3 days later than our first game day, we will be welcoming our sweet baby boy into this world! I can't wait to share the passion for football season while changing diapers, feeding, and playing my loving son.
This is a countdown I can smell since it's right around the corner. This week, I'll be flying home to L.A. to visit with my family before the baby arrives. And how lucky am I that they'll be throwing me a shower this weekend!! I can't wait to celebrate the gift of life with none other than my closest people in all of this universe!

What are you counting down towards?

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  1. I'm counting down to my next vacation. As usual!! Enjoy your weekend in LA.



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