Friday, July 3, 2015

Let Freedom Ring

As we approach the long holiday weekend, I can't help but reflect on the true meaning of Independence Day. It was only over 400 years ago that our country became independent and gained our freedom.

This year, I am happy to celebrate FREEDOM...

     - Freedom of speech (particularly through starting up the J&BT blog). I now have a platform to talk about some of the passion I have in life through the eyes of sports and the professional world.

     - Freedom of prosperity. Why should I wait any longer to live happily ever after? For me, it's always been a waiting game. These are some of the infamous lines I tell myself: "After I graduate from school" or "Once I find a good job" or "Starting on Monday!" Being mindful and present has helped me find the good in TODAY and in the now!

     - Freedom to live life to the fullest. "What makes your heart sing?" (Talk Like Ted). Asking myself this question has really opened up my eyes to discover new things about myself that just tickle me pink!

     - Freedom of worry. This one is something I have to work at constantly and repetitively. Without practice, I would never know how to approach being worry-less. But, when I'm able to remind myself  every day that WORRYING IS AN UNPAID JOB, things look much brighter, and I tend to not think about things I don't have any control over in the moment. This has got to be one of my faves this past year as the Hubs and I quickly approach parenthood (*yikes*)!

Ask yourself this question as you celebrate this weekend with tons of fireworks, good eats and swell family and friends... What does freedom mean to you?

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