Monday, August 29, 2016

[RE] set it and forget it!

I know it may be hard to believe, but there's TONS going on in this household, even though it's quiet up on the blog! I miss blogging... actually, I miss a lot of things. BUT, new baby means new adventures and new beginnings!

I shared a few weeks ago (okay, almost a month ago!) that football is in full effect. As a coach's wife, I've been able to handle the pressures of hubs being out of sight over the past years. Now with baby here, it's a bit different. I take him to practices as much as I am able to so he can spend some QT with Daddy in-between practice, meetings, and workouts! Some nights, I'll keep baby awake so he can see Daddy before he hits the hay... even if it's just to kiss him and say good night. We make it work, and stay grateful for supporting a career that makes quite a difference in young student-athlete's lives.

Football season combined with sprint crawling from an 11-month old makes for some tired LONG days for this mommy, especially during this month of August! Nap times were becoming more of a rest time for me, whereas before I was trying to get as much done in that timeframe as possible... from house work to blogging to working. During bed time, I was closing shop and could no longer dig for the energy to pick up a second whim. Let's just say that August has been a rough one, just as June was for me!

Nonetheless, we are heading into September this week, and I am SO ready to hit the reset button. I'll have more help with family coming to visit during the season to watch our games... AND we'll be making our way back home to LA to celebrate my LO's FIRST BIRTHDAY (I can't!). All to say, I miss the blogosphere... I look forward to being back in action with a little more pep in my step!

Toodles August...

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