Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Beginning To-Do's

Do you remember the first day jitters from starting a new school year? The new outfits you planned out? The new school supplies you got? The awesome new backpack (or even purse!) that you were ready to rock? I remember there being a lot of planning and anticipation around my classes, teachers, friends, and activities that I would involve myself with come the new year!

I must say, the same anticipation arises when I am ready to start a new job! It's a great reason to go shopping for new clothes, shoes and even makeup! I love to buy a few office supplies that help writing look so much cuter with different styled pens. I love starting up a new planner that will include holidays, vital due dates and team birthdays!

In addition to these fine things that may arise when starting a new job, I thought it might be helpful to share some other helpful tips that may help you start your first day of work on the right foot!

1. Research the organization.
It's always good to know the history of your new company. Make use of that "About Us" section on the website, and read about the leadership team, the organization's philosophy, mission, vision and all that jazz!

2. Research your manager (and any other colleagues).
Getting to know your manager/ colleagues can help you get a feel for what type of experience you will be working with (or for). Search on LinkedIn to help paint a career picture of your manager... you never know if you were both working alongside the same type of work in your past!

3. Start to build your perspective.
Not only is reading up on the organization helpful, but I think reading the latest news about your organization is also key! Read the latest twitter updates, facebook updates, and even google your organization and select the "News" hyperlink! It's important to know the happs about what you're walking into.

4. Prepare your workspace.
When I start a new job and see a blank slate for my desk, I get excited! I love to bring a framed picture (or two) of my loved ones, a nice plant, maybe my own magnets, paperclips and pens! And if you're working from home, even better of a reason to prepare a workspace to separate your R&R time from time to work work work work work!

5. Relax!
Take the last few days before starting your new job to just breathe and be present with yourself. Do what makes you happy in the morning or mid-day... the times that you will most likely be working in the near future!

I hope these 5 things can help you mentally and physically prepare to start a new adventure with your new job!

What things do you like to do before starting anew?

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