Thursday, September 8, 2016

Game One

Thankfully, we only have a few night time games here in Lincoln. These ones tend to be rough... from having my LO on the stands around his typical bedtime to planning a late night meal after the game [which typically can be very close to midnight by the time the hubs is done in the office], the day can be long and exhausting after cheering on our Huskers!

Needless to say, I'm very proud of how we opened up our football season last weekend against Fresno State! It was a bitter sweet moment because it was our kick off to the 2016 season, AND we were playing against a team one of my cousins transferred to earlier this year, Fresno State. This made it very difficult to cheer for our Husker boys this past game, watching family on the other side of the ball! But we made it work!

Our Huskers started off a bit shaky... we were hurting ourselves by not getting into formation on time... not finishing up our blocks... we even had an ejection for targeting (one of the newer rules against helmet to helmet). The first half was a nail biter with a score of 14-10 [Nebraska], but it definitely did not stop the Huskers from making well-needed changes in execution and attitude after half time. During the second half, we started to run the ball more, pass more, block more... we were looking solid! Huskers ended up taking home the W with a score of 43-10!

Last Saturday also meant a lot to Husker Nation as we honored the memory of our kicker, Sam Foltz. Players and fans repped his jersey number 27 in the sea of red. We even took a delay of game during the first punt return for not sending out a kicker on the field. It was a beautiful site and feeling in Memorial Stadium!

Game 1 in the books for the Husker season, and now it's countdown to Game 2 against Wyoming on Saturday!
Who are you rootin' on this weekend?

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