Friday, September 16, 2016

Game Two

It's taken me all week to post about our game last weekend against Wyoming, but you know what... it's been one emotional week for me! My baby boy turned one, and I still am in disbelief! Better late than never though!

One of the many perks on game day is that our LO gets to witness Daddy in action... including the Huskers! He stands at Daddy's office window in awe at how big our players are. I bet he's thinking, "I can't wait to wear that jersey!"
It was a great game with a rough start, but the Huskers pulled through at the end with a glorious victory! Our offense started a bit shaky... which I can't help to think about what must be going through these guys' minds the entire day shaking all types of feelings up! Fans show up so early... watch the bus pull up... watch the players and coaches walk into the locker rooms... watch warm-ups... it's just an early start to watching, cheering and supporting! I always ponder if the players are stoked with Cornhusker nation out there watching... or if they kinda get nervous. Either way, it's got to be intense for them, because it's surely intense for me in the stands (so much so that we had to get some headphones to protect the little one's ears)!
In any case, we went into halftime with the score of 10-7 (Nebraska). Man oh man, did we change that rhythm up and pull through in the second half, yet again! Our defense rocked the stadium with 6 interceptions, including a pick 6! WHOOP!!! We took the W home with a final score of 52-17.

It was another bitter sweet moment for us because we have a relative that plays for Wyoming! We're so proud of him and the work he's put in moving from Cali to Wyoming!
We're ready to take on this weekend against the Ducks, and I would be happier than ever to report a W next week!
Who will you be rooting on this weekend?

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