Monday, October 10, 2016

Husker Birthday Party

It's been TOO long since the last post, and that's because we are in prime time of all times... football season! I had family visiting Husker Nation for the first three weeks of September, then baby and I went back home to LA the last week of September to celebrate his big ONE with family and friends.

It was only natural to have a football birthday party because again... we're in prime time of the season, and our lives are inundated with football! We went a step further and decided to GO BIG RED with the Husker gear, especially since Daddy wasn't able to be there (he was busy getting the W at Northwestern!). Everyone had their Husker best on, from smiles to jerseys and we had ourselves a FUNtabulous birthday party!
We had a great concession stand where Husker fans were able to grab chips, popcorn, cotton candy, and many more goods! It was easy (and cost effective) to make little football brown paper bags for peeps to store their yummy goodies in!
Centerpieces were simple but Husker'd out! My aunt made these cute mason jars, I made the flags, and with some gorgeous blooms and jumbo balloons, we had a cute simple centerpiece!
You know those signs at a high school football game that football players run through as they take the field? Well my sister got one made for baby's birthday party that was absolutely AMAZING! I had all the kiddos run through it as they took their very own field to play games!
You know having a piƱata just made it complete! This one was full of all sorts of delish candy, including one of my faves, chico sticks!
As fans rolled in, they all signed the game ball for the birthday boy. I wanted a keepsake for my son when he gets older, and this was perfect for him to have forever!
I can't even describe how amaze balls this cake was!! Not only was it stunningly made, but it was SUSPER delicious!! The top layer was cookies and cream, and the bottom two were PBJ with a tiny thin layer of crust! Oh. My. Goodness. It was a HIT!
When it was time to sing happy birthday, I had passed out little game day pom poms and we all cheered on the birthday boy as he prepped to blow out his candle!
I have to say, this was much better than I had imagined it would be. The love filled the air and it was so good to be home with all of our loved ones to spend great QT and make Husker memories! Of course none of it would have been possible if it weren't for family pitching in to help with decor, goodies, cleaning and much more! It literally took a village... one that I will always rely upon forever more with my son.

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