Thursday, October 13, 2016


I never knew how mommies did it... raising a baby, working, being a wife to the hubs, and some even going to school! Having my LO has really opened my eyes to many different perspectives I would not have otherwise planned to see. Some of which I've been pondering on lately:

// I thought my LO would be in some sort of daycare [whether PT or FT]
I had a goal to make a transition back into the workforce in January... when baby would be about 3 months old. I thought maybe I can find a daycare that I trusted... that other mommies would recommend being one of the best! Indeed I did find a great in-home daycare, but turns out she expected the LOs to put themselves to sleep when she puts them down for a nap twice a day [we're on a nurse to sleep plan in this household!].

// I thought I would be able to work during nap time
I for sure was looking forward to all the nap times mommies talked about with their LOs. Nap times meant alone time... time to get things done uninterrupted. NOT! Nap times are unpredictable for the most part... lasting from a whopping half hour to 2-3 hours tops! During this time, I AM TAPPED! I use this time to shower, wash dishes, take the dogs outside, or watch some sort of reality tv. It's hard to start something on my computer, and not be able to finish it because baby woke up.

// I thought I can wake up earlier than bay to get my morning workouts done
No matter how early I set my alarm for, my LO has the SAME exact internal alarm clock and wakes up when I leave the bed. It can be 4 - 5 - 6 in the morning! When I'm up, he's up, and the entire household begins bright and early.

I thought a lot of things before my beautiful blessing arrived in my life... just like I thought a lot of things after I graduated, or when I got married, or when I started my first job in my career! Perception is reality and no matter what situation we are in, I'm pretty certain we can find something we love and something we loathe about it. Instead of dwelling on what I don't have or where I am not at, I choose to LOVE life today and appreciate being where I am today. A mother to my handsome outgoing baby boy, a wife to my hard-working coach, and on the road to being a member of the workforce once again!

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