Wednesday, October 19, 2016


When I was a little girl, I would play teacher all the time... I had a chalkboard, clipboard, and little glasses to mimic my 4th grade teacher's reading glasses. Never did I think it would transpire to be real life for me! Next week starts a new adventure for me, and I can't be more THRILLED! I will start teaching my first class ever in a Master's program for a Psychology school based in Chicago. I've spent the past few months preparing by researching the school, reading the course readings, getting acquainted with the technology used, and logistics. I must say, it's an amazing feeling to be back in some sort of routine... and better yet, in an educational surrounding!

I love the art of learning [it's probably why I stayed in school for as long as I did]. I love it so that it became a part of my profession after graduating... to provide learning and development in the workplace to staff, faculty, employees and leaders.

The beauty about the world of education is that you are in an environment that provides different avenues to the latest research, the latest studies, the latest theories... the past, present and future all at your exposure. All you need is an appetite to want to know and learn more.

I challenge you, my friends, to ask yourself what can you learn more about today? Is it something in your profession? Culture? Sports? Dance?

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