Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Traveling Baby

I have a 13 month old baby who is in FULL force movement. He walks, he runs, he wobbles... and quite frankly he doesn't like to be held for too long (which is not such a bad thing since he's not quite as light as a feather!). We leave to go back home to LA tomorrow, and now that my LO is moving and grooving these days, I can't help but wonder what my flights will be like.

I've read about great tips to keep a LO occupied on a flight. So I thought I'd share some of my tricks I have planned to keep my LO happy (and I hope seated).

I think we all know it's not a surprise for babies to be amused with their toys for a good 2.5 seconds... then they're onto the next tupperware or spoon! I have a little non-electric (less noise) toy I haven't exposed to him yet so that he can have his first "oooh" and "ahhh" during our flight! Should buy me a peaceful takeoff...

What baby (or adult) doesn't like FOOD?! I'm packing a few of his fave treats that he doesn't really eat on the regular... gold fish... fruit snacks... go-gurt! I'll be feeding slowwww and steady!

I know it's not ideal to utilize the iPad for screen time, but I really try and use it when I need to really get something done (shower, work, FLY...). So I downloaded a few new episodes of Blues Clues and another sing along so we can resort to if it gets too wild and crazy!

One other major thing is that I am still nursing, which will be a HUGE saving grace for my mover. I will definitely be relying on a good nurse as we take off and land to prevent any major ear popping!

I also have a stop to be thankful for... baby will get to walk/run and stretch his tiny little legs out while I chase after him like a mad woman in the airport!

What things have been a hit in your traveling books?

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