Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall-ing these days...

Fall is in full effect (with a few exceptions when the weather hits high 80's here in Nebraska) and we are happy campers! Without the insane humidity, we are out and about... walking on top of crunchy leaves... enjoying the pumpkin patch... swinging at the park... and of course, having a grand time at our Husker football games without beaming in the hot blazing sun!

Of all the stages I've been blessed to witness with my LO, this is by far one of my most fave stages! My baby boy is walking (sometimes running) all over these days! He absolutely loves being outdoors, which is fab for me. The hubs and I always reminisce over playing outside all the time when we were kiddos, and how we would hope our children have just as much love for the outdoors as we did! It amazes me to see my baby laugh when someone makes funny faces or noises to him... to see him mimic some of the words and sounds I make myself (gotta watch my language nowadays!)... to watch him RUN up to daddy when he walks in the front door... these things just baffle me because he's growing so much in such the little time he's been on this earth!

It feels good to be SO present in the moment, as I remind myself to be so I'm not rushing these precious moments. Life is good right now as we embrace a new season, new changes, and new baby (dare I say toddler) stages!

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