Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hello August

August is here... Fall camp is near! Although the Hubs will be back to the grind as they kick off camp this week, we surely have enjoyed all the R&R we had with him for the past week. Part of the festivities having him home included taking our LO to the Lincoln Zoo for the first time ever. The Hubs and I have been a few times prior with other kiddos in the family, but there's nothing that compares taking our very own to see the wild kingdom of animals!
Yes, it was SUPER hot outside this day.... yes we waited until the afternoon to take him... and yes, we decided to take him during his usual "nap time" (whatever that means these days). BUT with Daddy carrying him, and a few ice cold mandarin oranges slices, we managed to crack a few smiles on his face!
Having a coach in our lives as Hubs and Daddy has many translations. One of which is how much we truly appreciate his presence when he is available and able to spend some QT with the family! I love witnessing the love between father and son, and the chuckles they exchange amongst one another. Life is good when you can laugh and love!
What cool things have you been up to this summer?

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