Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Graduate

It's been a bit quiet around here, as I've been busy getting the nursery ready (WHOOP!) and also preparing for the trip we made to Syracuse, NY. I have never been to NY, so when I think of the city, I think of nothing but traffic, taxis and many many many buildings. BUT we were in a very rural area where there were nothing but country shops and farmland. It was almost as if we never left Nebraska. Nonetheless, we got to be with family in a cute little AirBNB home relaxing and enjoying each other's company!
My sister graduated with her Masters in Public Relations, and I am SO very proud of her huge accomplishment. School is no joke... and the higher level you pursue, of course, the higher the pressures are. She breezed through 2 years of her Communications program with such grace and perseverance. Now comes the part of "adulting" and finding a career that she purely enjoys!

I can't tell you how many students graduate from high school and college and just aren't sure of which direction to head in. This is one of the many reasons why investing time into strengths and passions is so beneficial before jumping into any job that is offered. I encourage those newly graduated students (my sister included!) to take time and really think about what strengths you have to offer in the workplace. What product or service interests you the most? Which types of companies offer the best opportunity for you to grow? Can you see yourself working there for the next 5 years? What type of manager can you envision yourself working for and alongside? These are just a few questions of the many that can help you gain some insight into where you should take your resume and interviewing skills. If you need some assistance organizing all of this, you can read this post about how I might be able to help!
Congrats to you, my sister!

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