Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I can't believe I'm about one month out until the arrival date of our precious little baby girl! I must say that with my first pregnancy, I was completely aware of the count down, I took cute baby bump pictures every single week in the same outfit, and I was on TOP of the nursery well before the big D-day! With this second round, my energy and attention span is very minimal these days chasing after a toddler with an extra belly in tow. BUT we are sooo very excited to meet our sweet pea and begin our family of four. 

Until that day comes we become a party of four, I am staying present and mindful of our one-on-one time with Mata. It's been just him for going on 21 months, and when baby comes, it'll be a transition for each and every one of our family members. I've been thinking a lot about that lately... how will my LO react knowing my attention will be split between two babies? Will he get the attention he needs from me? How many times will we be waking up in the middle of the night to feed and attend to a newborn? How will I ever manage to get out of the door with two babies in two carseats? Most importantly, what will the football games be like with a baby in a wrap and a toddler who likes to be carried still?!

I have to continuously remind myself that it's OK not to have any of these answers. My faith lies in our Heavenly Father to guide my family and I through this transition, and to stay present in each moment not worrying about how to solve problems forever.

For this last month we have left of being a family of three, I will enjoy every moment we have with one child who is so loving and curious these days! I will also be shopping for cute little newborn dresses and rompers as I start to put some final touches on the nursery for 'sister'!
Any tips on when you made the transition on expanding your family?

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