Thursday, January 19, 2017

One Year of Eternal Life

Earlier this week marked one year since my mom has passed. I keep saying this over and over but it's just so surreal how one entire year has already flown by since she left this earth. While planning for her anniversary of eternal life, I was bummed... bummed I was planning these events in honor of her memory and also bummed that one year marks the release of mourning of her loss.

My family and I hosted a beautiful lunch for close family and friends to come and honor my mom's memory. Then we had a blessing at her grave site and of course shared a meal over chitter chatter amongst each other. Both of events were simply beautiful and felt very free'ing. We shared testimonies about my mom and what a lovely woman she was, and how her memories impact us every single day.

After celebrating my mom's life and her entering the gates of heaven to eternal life, I feel at peace. Not to say that I won't ever have another bummed or sad moment, or that I won't shed a tear thinking about how much I miss her. BUT what I can say is that when I think about my mom and how she gets to rejoice with our God in Heaven, I am beyond happy for her and want to celebrate that moment as much as I am able to when I think of her.

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