Friday, January 13, 2017

Reflection Friday

I wish I can catch all of my memories and place them in a jar of life so that 1) I can remember and reminisce myself and 2) I can share those memories with my children, grandchildren, family and anyone who will listen! I've written many blog posts on J&BT, and even more when I was blogging here... that sometimes I go back in the archives and reflect where I was at a week ago, a month ago, even a year or more ago! Reflecting makes me grateful for where I am and what I have today.

All of that to say, I thought of something I can do to help bring my memories back to life. I can take one day a week and reflect here on J&BT... back to years ago, or maybe even short days ago. One of the most powerful messages I heard at my church was to feed your miracle. In other words, once you have received your blessing(s), be sure to share that blessing with others and bring it to life as much as you can! That's what I intend to do with these reflection posts... bringing my blessings back to life to remind myself of how amazing God is, and also in hopes that they might inspire you!

// My Mother
A year ago at this time, my mom was battling stage 4 cancer that she had just found out two weeks before she had passed. Her strength and calmness during those weeks in the hospital was extremely reflective on how she was her entire life. She was a woman of great patience and understanding... of love and forgiveness... of humility and honor. She was my mom and I am so proud to say so!

// Finding My Determination
A few years ago, I thought my career was over. There were major budget cuts in the university I worked for, and unfortunately our entire department was let go. That was the first time I had ever been a part of a major lay off and it was almost as if I was mourning a piece of me. I've left a job in the past, but on my terms. This time I had no control of departing ways. Reflecting back, I know that time was meant to happen and it allowed me to be fully present when I gave birth to my LO. A total blessing in disguise!

// We travelled back home!
To visit, that is... The LO and I flew back to LA to celebrate my mom's one year of eternal life. We left on an early morning flight in hopes that it would be sleepy time for my LO, and it turned out to be  just that! I was grateful that he slept most of both flights, but there were also short moments where the small space confined him so much he was flopping like a fish! BUT we made it safe and sound and we're looking forward to celebrating my mom and spending time with family.

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