Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sweat Sesh

Many of us have set new fitness and eating goals the beginning of 2017, myself included! I was working out with stroller moms last year, having a grand ol' time outdoors doing all types of different workouts with baby in the stroller watching and playing. I LOVED it and working out with other mamas, but come winter time in Nebraska, baby nor I was up for working out in the cold or even getting out in time all bundled up!

So I was back to figuring out my own workouts indoors (I'm not sold on getting back into an actual gym quite yet!). I would pull workouts from Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram... hoping for a good sweat session. Then I heard/saw advertisements on Daily Burn. If you're familiar with Beach Body workouts, you may have also heard of Daily Burn. It's a website that provides hundreds of workouts, ranging from cardio, to kickboxing, to strength training, to yoga and much more! You have the luxury of choosing from a library full of workouts, or you can follow a structured program with certain trainers. The thing I love is that they also have a new workout streaming live in the morning every single day if you choose to follow those workouts.

I love having this option to workout wherever I am, and creating my own workout schedule for the week! No matter where you are in your fitness game, find something that works for you and get to moving.

What works for your workouts?

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